Jolt Electro Puppy Trainer by Kanine Kollection


Light, audio, vibrating and electro stimulation training. This devious trainer device provides plenty of shock for your pup!

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In the Master Series style, the Jolt Electro Puppy Trainer Collar pushes the boundaries of kink into intensely devious territory with a unique obedience training system designed to allow for complete control over a submissive mate.
The Trainer places the devise around the neck, two short metal probes in direct contact with the skin and transmits taps, jolts and tingles of electrostimulation or vibration when cued by a dominant partner with remote in hand. Teach and train the wearer to respond properly to the sensation, as well as to the light and sound functions also controlled by the sleek, long range remote that commands obedience from up to 800 feet (234meters) away. Add a leash (sold separately) to enhance the training experience further- most universal clips and clasps will be compatible with the metal D-ring.

Fits up to approximately 7 inches (18cm) of neck diameter.