Dark Droplets 3 Piece Curved Anal Trainer Set by Master Series


Curved for additional pleasure and stimulation with an ergonomic base and slim neck

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Elevate your anal pleasure with these 3 velvety drops, designed for easy anal pleasure for all skill levels! These tempting droplets are plush, firm, and shaped for peak satisfaction, providing your backdoor with a satisfying round mass for your booty to squeeze on!

Play and train with three graduated sizes, upgrade from small to medium to large at your own pace! Beginners and experts alike will appreciate the ergonomic base and slim necks found on each plug, keeping things comfortable for extended play sessions. Expand your backdoor and get your hole ready for bigger and better things!

Each Dark Droplet is curved for additional pleasure and stimulation – perfect for targeting sensitive spots like the male prostate! Massage and please, solo or with your lover with precision.