ID Frutopia Raspberry Personal Lubricant 3.4oz


100% Natural fruit flavor for 100% pure fun! It’s sugar free, water based, vegan and latex friendly.

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Frutopia its the state of ecstasy youll be in after tasting the natural flavors in our latest lubricant line by ID . Frutopia gives you and your partner a delicious experience that no other flavored lube can compare with. This personal lube will make for a bedroom experience you wont soon forget as you find yourself in ever more yummy situations. With so many other flavored lubes on the market today you might be wondering why you should choose ID ; here are a few reasons that set us apart from the rest. Our water-based formula is naturally sweetened, has no sugars, and contains no artificial coloring. The flavor is so fresh youll feel like you have just taken a bite out of a fresh piece of fruit. In fact, Frutopia is even considered vegan-friendly because our ingredients are extracted from natural vegetable-based sources. Trying something new has never been this tasty.


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