Prostatic Play Force Remote Control Silicone Anal Plug by Master Series


Suction down the base of this vibrating anal dildo to a hard smooth surface and take a seat on the Force!

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This rechargeable remote-control pleasure tool is perfect for use with a partner as they tease your hole, but also makes for convenient and exciting solo use! The Force Anal Plug starts out with a .75 inch wide tip that leads to a 1.15 inch wide 1st bulb to a 1.375 inch 2nd bulb with a ,8 inch wide neck at the 2.2 inch wide base. With 3 powerful speeds and 9 rhythmic pulsation patterns, you will love the buzzing sensations that the remote transmits to the dildo and up into your ass. The bumps, grooves, and curved tip target all the pleasure zones within your ass, including your prostate. The tapered end and silky, slick material create an easy insertion. Bask in the ecstasy as you slide this vibe in and buzz your booty! Silicone is phthalate-free and non-porous for efficient cleaning and sanitization between uses.