Thrill Prostate Vibe by Gender Fluid


Experience a rush of pleasure with the THRILL Prostate Vibe, designed for you to find the depth that works best for you.

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Definitely living up to its name in all sorts of sexy situations, Gender Fluid’s Thrill Prostate Vibe has just what you and/or your anal enthusiast partner need to stretch, stimulate and satisfy. Despite the specific body part mentioned in the title, this vibe can and will please anyone and any body!

Up top, Thrill is swollen and super-curvy, all the better to target prostate glands, g-spots, and inner anal sweet spots, in general. Down below a widespread curve bumps and grinds against outer sweet spots – rock the rounded base to hit juuust the right spot(s) inside and out. Control eight deep, rumbly modes of vibration with Thrill’s single power/function push button.