ZOA Intimate Massager by Shunga Black


According to legend: ZOA, notorious Geisha of the EDO era, rose to fame with her intimate ritual called Mimikaki. With her client’s head resting on her lap, she pulled a kanzashi from her hair and stroked the contours of his ear. This allowed him to be transported deep into his carnal imaginations, thus achieving a state of total abandonment. This refined ritual was embraced throughout the Empire and is still practiced today.

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ZOA, for the woman who likes power and finesse. Its refined and unique design will perfectly fit your vaginal curves, simultaneously covering the clitoris, the labia and the perineum. Its pleasant grip will allow precise and effortless positioning on the areas you prefer. Its powerful motor offers ten modes of wildly exciting vibrations, which will accompany you to a multitude of memorable orgasms. It will quickly become one of your favorite’s.


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